Product development and tactical marketing team.

Website and Media Design

Web Design Studios

In todays commercial landscape, polished presentation is more important than ever to capture customer's ever-shortening attention spans. Omniport Consulting can be a cost effective and more productive solution than freelance or finding a part time designer.

Logo and assets design

Our artists and designers understand how to make a logo to fit a company or product. Iconic logos with clean and effective text types will lead to increased brand recognition and how customers perceive your brand.

Our logo composition includes a consultation to find out how to maximize your new logos affect, then the composition creation phase will return 4 different styles for your review. Once a design has been narrowed down, you will have unlimited revisions until it's the iconic mark you've been dreaming of.

Web composition

Website building is a large part of our success. From best practices in layout, design and programming, we have designers that can get your project finished on time and on budget. We don't play any of those freelance programmer games where they require you to go with the for hosting, payment processing and end up keeping your code as hostage (it happens quite frequently).

With us, you can utilize as much or as little of our expertise as you would like. We also send you a backup of your code each week so you have 100% of your website in control. Build your site from scratch, or use us purely as a consultant, it's up to you.

Product representation

We have all the professional lighting and camera equipment you will need to shoot stunning product pictures. So let Omniport Consulting shoot your stuff!

We will also brighten, clean and crop your pictures and then deliver the in neat little master folders for you. We will even put a digital bow on it if you wish.

Video production

As if that wasn't enough, we also have awesome video editors on staff to cut marketing and product videos! Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the US? So why are you waiting so long to have your product catalogue reprinted in professional video format?

Check out some videos from us.