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International Manufacturing

Omniport Consulting is well experienced and uniquely positioned to assist in any aspect of sourcing and manufacturing in Asia. No matter what type of consumer product or custom project you wish to manufacturer, we can help source, evaluate, deploy, conduct quality control and even prepare ocean freight and customs clearance for an all inclusive, stress-free international sourcing experience. Conversely you can commission OC to conduct the sourcing report and factory evaluations only and then contact your factory of choice directly. Whether you go all inclusive or wish to handle the manufacturing process yourself, having OC on your side will ensure you have proper oversight and personnel locally to navigate the often murky and potentially risky proposition of international manufacturing negotiations.

We have the knowledge, staff and experience to help you succeed in establishing your scalable manufacturing supply chain.

Sourcing Report

All manufacturing projects start here. Regardless of product and specifications, Omniport Consulting will set off to locate and evaluate potential factories which manufacture similar products with the proper facilities and equipment for the scope of work. If your project is a new and unique product, we will evaluate capability and help negotiate NDA and exclusive manufacturing arrangements to protect your product.

Sourcing Reports generally take 2 to 3 weeks to complete and we will return profiles of 3-4 companies who are capable to produce your product to your specifications, pricing of the product, lead times and any additional information uncovered as a result of research into the particular product production. We will also have existing product samples (if available) shipped directly to your door for your evaluation.

The OC Sourcing Report will give you all the necessary information to make an informed decision with a vetted factory and comparable sample products in your hands for evaluation. From here we can help you finalize your Purchase Order or you can contact the factory directly to proceed.

The Omniport Consulting Production Process

Once you have selected the factory you're comfortable with, OC will oversee your purchase order process and help with the final negotiations. Once you are comfortable with the price, quality and have your order details complete and all parties are in agreement, it's time to start your project!

Pre-Production Sampling

All product production with OC includes a pre-production sample, which is the mockup of the final project. At this point you can make any changes you want until your product is a shelf ready version. Your factory of choice will use this approved pre-production sample as the standard for production and quality control.


Omnipor Consulting will oversee the entire production process with staff in the region, keeping you informed of progress and expected lead times. We will assist as local liaison for correspondences during the entire production phase.

Quality Control

Upon completion of the production, we will assist with the implementation of Quality Control according to your standards. Depending on type of production, this can be standard randomly testing of product compliance and specs, up to intensive inspections with our staff traveling and physically overseeing the QC process at the factory. The thoroughness of the inspection is specified by the customer per project.

Transport Logistics

Once your complete order has been produced, OC can assist with the local transit, container booking, container loading, and customs paperwork for your goods for hassle free exporting. In the event that there are customs inspections in Asia, we oversee and help address the sometimes delicate situation of successfully negotiating and getting your freight released. We ensure that your goods are on the water without incident and most importantly, without affecting your stress level!

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