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About Omniport Consulting

Omniport Consulting was founded by George Chao and headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mr. Chao founded BBO Poker Tables in 2006 with $2,000 in initial investment capital (all that was in his bank account at the time) and set out to prove an efficient direct manufacturing and distribution model with global manufacturing and e-commerce distribution. The business model was structured to be completely self contained, from manufacturing, to logistics, to warehousing, website development, marketing and direct to consumer distribution without brick and mortar dealers, as was the norm at the time.

Fast forward a decade or so, BBO Poker Table is the most sought after gaming table brand in North America, with multi-million dollar sales annually. Today, BBO operates an exclusive 30,000sq ft manufacturing facility in China and 11,000sq ft warehousing facility in California controlling all aspects of product production, web development and distribution - a first in the US game table market.

Feature on BBO Poker Tables

In 2014, Omniport Consulting was established to offer our established logistics to companies looking to scale manufacturing and add quality products to their offer lineup without the headache and the potential pitfalls of “Alibaba shotgun sourcing”. Omniport Consulting naturally compliments e-commerce and social media brands well because of their ability to scale distribution as well as our vast knowledge of e-commerce development, SEO and SEM.

Since inception, OC has assisted traditional, e-commerce and social media based brands and companies source products ranging from electronics, LED, textiles, yoga and women's fitness equipment, furniture, athletic equipment, rubber and plastic based products, and many more. We are the silent partner of many brands, assisting them to bring to market dynamic, exciting and quality products.

Simply put, Omniport Consulting makes your brand money.

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George Chao - Founder - Omniport Consulting
Founder: George Chao

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